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candied pistachio, pecorino, fig


apricot & chili mostarda, reggiano, sicilian  black olive


red sauce, bufala mozzarella, basil, olive oil


rosemary scented jus, crispy saffron polenta, burnt cipollini, rapini gremolata, black trumpets



Prunois Drei Donà’s ‘first wine’. It comes from the strictest selection of 100% Sangiovese, from our best vineyards. It is bottled unfiltered so the great terroir of Predappio can reach its highest expression. All the Drei Donà wines are named after the family’s horses. Pruno is a Maremmana horse; big, powerful, sure of himself, and with a huge heart. He was the first Maremmana horse to compete in dressage at a national level and win. He’s proof that not only technique counts, but also with heart, passion, and dedication to a dream, one can achieve great results. The wine we dedicate to Pruno is the one closest to our hearts, the Sangiovese Riserva which, like him, has strength, character, elegance, and above all a special soul that never stops amazing. Pruno is an important wine of great character, made for important occasions. Its full body and high extract are balanced with crisp acidity and sweet tannins. Red fruit, floral, mineral, and coconut aromas float above a deep, plush texture. Juicy fruit flavors are accented with lovely fragrance and sweet spice. The marvelous integration of every element pushes through the long, rich finish. 

Notturno is, as the French would say, Drei Donà’s ‘second wine’. It’s born when we choose and blend the barrels for Pruno's final aging. Generally, younger vines produce the majority of the grapes to make Notturno. Notturno was the first horse to enter our house, so it was fitting to name the first wine we made after him.

Notturno the horse had all of nature’s force and energy; his eyes were full of love and sweetness for those of us who loved him, and he had a wisdom beyond human comprehension. To him we wanted to dedicate the wine that reflects the peacefulness and pleasantness of a companion that never tires.

Deep ruby red color; characteristic, slightly spicy, wild fruit bouquet; a very pleasant wine with balanced complexity. Notturno's medium body and crisp acidity make it an ideal companion for any sort of food. 

Il Torneseis Drei Donà’s exceptional white, from a land of great reds. The wine is called Tornese, after the horse with which Ida Vittoria succeeded getting into the 1994 Junior European Dressage Championships, the beginning of a brilliant career that brought her to become the Italian champion. Chardonnay too is a grape variety like so many others, but here at Tenuta la Palazza, it has a special soul that reflects the sun of our singular microclimate. That’s why it’s dedicated to Tornese, a horse like so many others that the love and passion of a few people transformed to greatness. From Chardonnay and Riesling of our own vineyards, it’s partially vinified in large wooden casks and aged “sur lie”. Tornese is an elegant wine with considerable structure. 


Grapes from our younger vines contribute to this vintage white from Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. A fresh, balanced wine with characteristic fruit and floral aromas, it’s the ideal companion for any light meal.